Grow your customer base and generate additional income with an eCommerce website

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shocked shareholders by boldly stating that “if you are not a Prime member, you are being irresponsible.” His belief was that changes in customer shopping behavior coupled with the rise of online shopping has lead to an evolution in how we do business online.

As the above quote suggests, the convenience of Amazon’s eCommerce platform coupled with their aggressive pricing strategies has made Amazon tremendously confident that they’re on the cutting edge of retail. So much so, that avoiding using Amazon’s services is classified as neglectful behavior by their CEO.

While many detractors will question Amazon’s company ethics, there is no doubt that they have reinvented the landscape of modern retail. Forecasts state that eCommerce businesses should anticipate a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

Using eCommerce sales channels will allow your business to:

Reduce costly overhead related to physical retail space
Grow your global customer base
Generate brand awareness
Collect sales data about your products and customers
Gain passive income 24/7

The Downsides of an eCommerce Website

There’s no doubt that an eCommerce website is a great source of additional income for your business.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are built for an eCommerce sales model and the proper steps should be taken to analyze your eCommerce strategy before making your decision.

If your products feature customized pricing or customer consultation, the automation of eCommerce may not align with your brand strategy. For example, von Essen Digital Marketing offers a free consultation instead of an online store with an automated checkout. That’s because von Essen Digital Marketing is focused on offering customers a personalized marketing service, not a physical product.

There are also other factors to consider such as:

Site security
Inventory management
Tracking customer shipments
Freight services
Marketing your online store
Analytics and data tracking

Is an eCommerce Website Right For My Business?

Launching an eCommerce program is an exciting challenge. You will find yourself on the front lines in a new age of online retail, and with these advancements come new obstacles as well.

Consider searching other businesses who provide similar products or services in your area and asking yourself the following questions:

Are they using an eCommerce platform?
What freight services are they using?
How much is their freight?
What is their shipping radius?
What sort of payment options are available?
Do they have a return policy?
Can customers customize aspects of their order? How?
Is it a shopping experience that you would consider providing for your customers?

Unfortunately, many businesses find the process of independently starting their eCommerce business to be both expensive and time consuming. Making sure that you set up the proper infrastructure from the start is crucial to your success, and doing it without help can be overwhelming.

von Essen Digital Marketing has experience in supply chain management, online order fulfillment, and creating online stores through both Shopify and WooCommerce.

I can take you through the steps of setting up your eCommerce store such as:

Registering your domain
Finding a payment provider
Building an online marketing plan
Setting up encrypted transactions
Creating a freight matrix
Proper inventory management and product hierarchy
Finding freight carriers

Learn more about each eCommerce service by speaking to von Essen Digital Marketing about your free consultation.

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